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We provide a fully bespoke service tailored to your needs with four steps.

step 1:
Knowing you and your
happines criteria

LifeMatch FingerPrint

Relationship science
based to focus on
what really matters

1-2 sessions

step 2:
meeting a match.

If we believe we have a
truly compatible
match for you, we will
make an introduction

step 3:
your dates

Dating feedback

Refining your match criteria

Though partnership on whether and how to move forward


We work with a select group of highly successful people, who are commitment minded and ready for a serious relationship. They are thoroughly vetted through an extensive process of questionnaires and deep in person interviews that digs into relationship history and patterns, values, personality and lifestyle.

These clients are looking for someone special in their lives. They don’t want to rely on the hit and miss world of online dating and are investing their hearts and hard earned money in their search with us.
What we offer our Network Members is a potential opportunity to meet those of our clients with whom you might be a highly compatible match.

This is a complimentary membership, we do not actively work on your behalf, so there is no guarantee for introductions and matches.

The process you will experience:

1) Knowing you & establishing your criteria

To become our Network Member, please submit the application form. Along with your form, please submit two high quality, current photos. Your photos do not need to be professional quality, but must include only you in the photo and a headshot.
If we believe that you are a fit for our Network we will contact you and schedule an appointment.

Our first step once we get started is an in-person assessment to understand the characteristics of your most compatible partner. This comprises you thoughtfully answering a set of valuable questions and discussing them with us. We learn from your personal history, understand your relationship patterns, your values, preferences and deal-breakers. We define together what a happy and healthy relationship looks like for you. We get to know you on a very personal level.
We will provide you with your own summary, your LifeMatch FingerPrint.

2) Matching YOU and meeting your match

If we believe we have a truly highly compatible match for you, we will make an introduction.

3) Debriefing your date

After the date, both you and the match independently consult with us confidentially, as an objective third party. We encourage each of you to discuss how the date went, and how you would like to proceed. We act as a vital thought partner in one of the most important decision processes in your life. We help you identify any red flags early and we help you get on a positive path to relationship. Both you and your potential match will learn a lot about yourselves and each other.




We have a very high success rate because we guarantee we will only take you on as an Active client when we are confident we have compatible matches.


We are relationship SCIENCE based. We delve deep into what matters for your relationship happiness so we can provide you with highly compatible matches. We summarize that for you in your LifeMatch FingerPrint.


We have an extensive network of fabulous commitment minded people to draw from. Everyone we meet with personally and vett to know who they really are.


Anna – is an awesome wing woman. Experienced, intuitive, a straight shooter who gives great advice, determined and fun.


“Are you ready to find the love of your
life & the life that you love?” – David Steele

Anna is a certified matchmaker, singles and relationship coach with credentials that will ensure
you find a fabulous relationship that stands the test of time. Her certifications include: